WB trailquiet baffle

Has anyone tried the WB Trailquiet baffle? If so, how does the bike run compared to the E-Series and stock (I imagine it is quite restrictive) and lastly how loud is it? Thank you.

I have never heard of this product, but have used the "quiet core" insert in my E series. Did the name change or is this an external baffle. The quiet core insert is an internal product. For my bike it lowered the db reading to 101 db's with six disks. It was noticably quieter. Without the insert it was 107 db's with 12 disks. 104 dbs with 12 disks and the quiet core. The power obviously decreases but not substantially. I felt the main loss of power was the midrange hit. It rolled instead of roared. Top end was still good, climbing etc was fine, but definately a loss at midrange. Wasn't a deal unless you are riding a track. For me it was worth the $30 bucks for the insert. Don't have the bike anymore but have had your experience.


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