give me 650 input

im 6'5", 270 pounds and my 98 wr400 just isnt enough for me any more. im considering a xr650r. they weight about the same but a ton more power. i mainly ride desert and trails and i do the GPs. i dont like motorcross that much. how are the 650's. are they nice to ride? can i still be competitive at the GPs on one? ive seen few guys with these at the GPs.

I love my BRP :naughty: Wouldn't trade it for nuthin, Don't race mine, Just rail ride.... :D

Will have a Edelbrock next week, I know I will love it more with the new carb.

No off idle hesitation.... :naughty::D

Buy the big red pig, you will never look back................. :naughty: Only to see your friends back there trying to catch up. :naughty:

I'm 6'6" 230lbs. The XR is a great bike for bigger guys, plenty of power and roomy too. :naughty:

Properly dialed in, the ride is very predictable and smooth.

I love it. :naughty:

i've raced it at the GP's--it sucks for that. Absolutley beats me up in that type of race. Not recommended.

At the next GP take a close look at any guy on a 650R on the last lap--you can feel the guys exhaustion. dudes on 400's go buzzing past as the poor guy lugs the beast around the track all but defeated...its just to much.

even team Honda have used 450's at GP's from time to time over the years.

Perhaps a better choice would be the EXC525 or the TE510 if you want to do the occasional race. I use my 510 and love it in that forum.

Of course for open fire roads and easier baja stuff the 650R is king!

Get the right footpeg fixed right off the bat and you will never have to post here about it later. :naughty: Steny

I'm 247 pounds and have ridden XR600Rs and now XR650R since 1986, desert, trail and street riding, I've never replaced anything except tires, chains, oil and filters, no complaints, mines sreet legal and geared taller, it cruises 75 mph hiway and still pulls to over 100mph fuel mileage has been consistant at 40 mpg off road (desert) ,much better than all the Xr600Rs I had, 1200 miles on Mobil 1 15-50 in it now still on full mark and clean. If your on the heavy side there's no substitute for big CCs.

captb- I beg to differ on your opinion that 650R's are better on fuel than the 600's. I've owned both and the 650 absolutely drinks fuel at an alarming rate. My 650 used to only get on average 90 (55miles) kms before hitting reserve and the XR6 would easily get 120!

It may be the larger tire and taller gearing, the guy I bought it from told me it gets 42 and I didn't believe him till I checked the Trailtech and mileage 3 times, so I'm not changing any jets or tinkering, all my 600Rs got around 37 offroad, I don't have to wind the 650 up as much thou and my 600Rs were stock gearing. I thought it would be worse on fuel but I'm happy, the best I had of all was my NX650 57 mpg hiway never checked it offroad it was geared tall.

Uh yeah, that's true, my 650R sucked gas so quick, it would only go about 50 miles on a full tank (stock tank). I figured it a couple of times, to be between 19 and 21 mpg. Pretty terrible.

HOWEVER!!!! The 650R engine is absolutely the best, most powerful, torquiest, and reliable engine I have ever seen, it's an unbelievably good combination of power and reliability. It makes the biggest Harley feel sluggish and anemic, and that is saying something since everyone thinks Harley's are so torquey (they are, but it's a slow, boring type of torque).

You ride an uncorked, jetted XR650R, and you will then know what real torque is all about. Quick, abrupt, instant power, at all times. Very nice engine, but it's garbage if you leave it in stock condition.

All of that being said, my KX500 will still run off and leave my 650R, it's quite embarassing really. So if you get a 650R, never try to run a

500 2-stroke, because you'll lose very badly. It's not even slightly close, and guys with 500's can attest to this fact. When a 500 2-stroke comes on it's pipe in the mid-range, it's gone. Just gone.

In the desert my riding partner gets about 36 miles per gallon. He uses the stock cam and carb. That is good gas mileage in my opinion for an XR650R. On slow tight trails that drops down to about 28 to 29 miles per gallon for his bike.

I have a stage one hot cam in my XR650R and an Edelbrock carb. The best I can do in the desert is about 32 miles per gallon. When I switch to the Stock carb my miles per gallon in the desert goes up a wee bit. I know all the Edelbrock riders out there are gonna say that's not possible but I assure you it is. On the trails I get 20 to 23 miles per gallon. Obviously the cam has a significant effect on fuel economy. But I would rather have a bigger fuel tank than no cam.

The taller your gearing and the faster your moving with the engine not laboring the better your fuel economy. duh

I have a 2001 650R and I really, really like it. I am relatively light at 160 pounds, but I think I handle the beast fairly well. However, I would not recommend it for a GP, unless you are built like Arnold. I have raced mine in a Hare-n-Hound and I was exhausted by the end. I now only ride it on Dual Sport rides. Even that sometimes wears me out, but there is no substitute for it's power and torque. I consistantly get 68-70 miles/gal before reserve on the stock tank.

...When I switch to the Stock carb my miles per gallon in the desert goes up a wee bit. I know all the Edelbrock riders out there are gonna say that's not possible but I assure you it is...

That's not possible!!! J/K :naughty:

If you lean out the mixture a bit more and twist your wrist slowly so you're not actuating the pump, you might get a bit better MPG, but I haven't done a super close comparison between the stock carb and other carbs to know which if there's much of a difference. I just know that if I ride super hard, my MPG drops to just shy of ~20 MPG and it gets closer to ~40 MPG if I'm taking things super easy and riding at speed.

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