How often should I change my oil?

I want to know how often do you guys change your oil? What kind of oil do you use? I hear so many different things from people about four strokes and how often to change the oil. Some say every two rides. Some say every 100 miles. I put a 100 miles on my bike in one day out in Jawbone so I dont know what to think. What do you think?

99 WR 400 F

I change mine roughly every 200 miles. The oil gets dirty fast on my 03 and oil is cheap. :naughty:

Dependin on what type of oil you use it should be changed as soon as you notice it getting dark.

I recommend that you purchase a zip-ty magnetic drain plug, it will always pull stuff out of the oil. I like the synthetics. They have higher film strengths and can take the heat that these monsters generate. I personally have taken a liking to Motul 300v. It is a pure ester based synthetic. It's pricey at $14.00 a liter, but I consider it cheap insurance. I think most people in here are changing the oil after: each race day, 100-200 miles, or after they see a signifigant color change in their oil. I would use your judgement as well. You will know if it was really dusty, if the bike had some excessing over-heating, or if you were hammering the dog sh*t out of it. You will also know if there is a chance that you got some water in the crank case. Clean your air filter often as well. I clean mine after each ride. I tend to over-maintain, so use your own judgement.

Get an hourmeter and change your oil by how long the motor has been run. Some trails I ride can take an hour to go a mile, which is way more severe than riding a mile in a straight line. I change oil at 20 hours of riding, sometimes its dirty and sometimes its clean. Bottom line oil is cheap, the engine is not and an hourmeter can help you set up your maintenance schedule.

i change my in my 01 wr400 every 200 miles of trail riding or after each Enduro or H&H event. i run fully synth oil with stock brass yamaha oil filters changed and cleaned each time. this may be a bit over kill but oil is cheap and i like my engine not to go bang.

I change my oil after every race day or if trail riding after every 200 miles. I still have a case of the old Mobil 1 red cap synthetic...I will probably switch to Amzoil after I run out of that. I also have a magnetic drain plug and change my filter every other oil change.

I put a 100 miles on my bike in one day out in Jawbone so I dont know what to think. What do you think?
Wow - You must not have any kids. We're lucky to break 50 miles in a day out there.

i change it every 3 rides and the oil filter every 6.

8-10 hours or 200 miles.

Rotella T full synthetic 5w-40

Scott's filter.

I change mine after every race. That includes about 4-6 hours of practice before the race, so I'm changing it every 7-10 hours. But I also use cheap motor oil.

Is synthetic motor oil for a car ok to use in a bike?

A non energy conserving oil would be ok such as AMSOIL.

Mobil 1 Red cap is 'car' synthetic motor oil

Works great.

Except that red cap has been discontinued.

What is currently on the shelves as red cap (in the new bottle) is not synthetic.

So far, it appears that the new gold cap EP 15w-50 is okay, but Mobil may change the formula and make it an EC oil.

I'm using Rotella T full synthetic 5w-40.

15w40 rotella 300km road or 6 hours dirt. Does this make my post count move :naughty:

IT MOVED :naughty: IT MOVED :D:D:naughty:

One more time :naughty::D:naughty:

the real question is not how often should I change it, but how often do I want to do major maintenance. If you ride it hard under load (like MX track or tight trials and climbs), more frequently. More trail cruising less. It is cheap insurance and takes such little time I opt for the more frequent intervals of between 10-20 hrs.

I have always been a huge fan of yamalube 4R for my bike, but no one ever says they use it. Is it good for the motor and the gears? Am I spending money on yamaha's name? Also I am running one of those metal oil filters, but not the reusable kind. Can I take that one out and reuse it after trying to clean it? Or is that just not a good idea? Oh yah, and I really think that the magnetic drain plug works awsome. Catches a lot of black guey crap that would otherwise be floating around in the case some were.

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