Illinois Riding


Moving from San Diego to Woodridge IL later this month. Any good locations in Northern IL to ride?

Don't ask why I'm moving from Off Road Heaven to IL...please.


Not too sure about N. ill but go north young man ! or was that west as once said in history ? Michigan has some absolutely awesome riding available. perhaps some 2000 miles ! contact the cycle conservation club of Mich. for a mapbook and enjoy. I go back there several times a year from Florida to get in some awesome trail riding. also if interested look in the north where to ride section here and check out the rites of spring on the 6th of may.hope Ive helped.

I feel your pain. I lived in Coronado (and also Montana) and moved to Minnesota.

Well, imho, Buffalo Range in Ottawa, IL is the best riding in IL. No quads allowed so its a great place for single track. It is along the illinois river...all kinds of terrain...sand, mud, rock dirt cliffs, hills that will make you crap yourself. well, you are from offroad heaven so maybe not. :naughty::naughty:

It will be a 2 hour drive for you. check the midwest forum, those guys ride there....

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