Chicks racing everywhere!!!!!!!!


We had boat loads of chicks racing this weekend at 29 Palms!!!!!!! There were women in just about every race both days. BIG turn out for the actual W race.....and TONS of womens on quads on Saturday.


Too cool seeing that many women racing all in the same weekend!!!!!!!



I'm still too busy racing around the cones in my field. Maybe someday (sigh...)

We all started that way.....keep it up and you'll be out there racing, too!!!!!!!




Cool. Shoot, I could still barely ride before I was talked into my first race. I couldn't clear a single jump! Helped motivate me to speed up...

I still have "lapses" of riding ability on a track! LOL Last lap yesterday....screwing around....had a front flat and knew it....but just screwing around cuz it was the last lap and I was just having fun. Was boinking over the whoops and bumps and jumps....not jumping....just like boinking, ya know....boinked over a jump and my front end washed out and face planted me into the ground. Twisted my rear brake lever up like a pretzel and knocked 4 of my front teeth loose.

Should I *know* better? Um, yeah.....but hell....I *was* having fun up until then. LOL Nice mouth full of track dirt....YUMMY! LOL Yeah....there was several miles of "back section"....places where NO ONE could see.....where do I eat it?????? RIGHT in FRONT of the grand stands!

Ya gotta laugh, though.....cuz it is quite funny. Serves me right for screwing around trying to have too much fun when I had a flat. :naughty::D:D:D:naughty:

At GPs....there's always super fast Novice women....and there's always pretty slow Novice women, too. The W class is remarkably forgiving.....people usually root for ya no matter what. That's what cool about it. If ya fall....people come help you....they let the *guys* pick up their own bikes.....but if your on the slow side and a girl....there's always someone there to lend a hand and get ya back up and going. Very forgiving!!!!!!



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