Steering Dampener for Track?

Does a steering dampener help on a MX track?


Sure, why not?

I heard something about RC running a little one behind his numberplate last year. The factory doesn't want the public to know he might be using one.

RC uses one...but ya didn't know that did ya! his is nice, its under the numberplate hidden...

On a rocky or rutted track, it might do some good. I have a Scotts. Last time I was riding I got caught in the dust and went into a foot wide and foot tall rut that lasted about 50 feet at about 35mph. If I didn't have my stabilizer on, the bars would have been taken from my hands for sure, and maybe would have been even worse. Even with the stabilizer, the front wheel kept running back and forth across the rut uncontrolably. Having one on a sand track, might help headshake too. If you are loaded, I suggest it, but if you want to get something else first go for it.

Yes, a damper can help. :naughty:

They will help in high speed sections - especially if the track is rutted.

Start out running the damper as lightly as possible and then slowly increase the amount until you're happy with the setting.

I was (about killed :D ) amazed at the difference between setting 1 & 6 on the GPR damper. Never had one, so I was curious... (remember, curiosity killed the cat, right..) :D

Set it on 1 - rode down the street sort of weaving back and forth.

Cool :D - can feel a slight amount of fight in the bars when I'd turn them (was turning quite a bit - running slowly in 1st).

Got to the end of the street - turned around, set damper on 6.

Same thing - start to weave.... The thing fought back big time! :D - and so did the mail box that was in the way. :naughty:

I usually run the damper somewhere between 2 & 4 out in the desert. 2 on the single track, 4 in the faster & whooped out stuff.

Dampers really do make a difference. :cry:

well a bike im looking into getting has one on it. i was thinking about selling it but if it makes a big enough difference to help i might try to keep it.

It does so don't get rid of it. Real simple, It lets you go harder and faster without having to work as hard to do it. :naughty:


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