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CA OHV green sticker grant funding

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How the CA Green Sticker money will be allocated;

I know for a lot of you this will be boring but for those that are interested, the California OHV division has sent an emergency regulations request to the California Office of Administrative Law. If approved, this will allow the OHV division to bypass a lot of red tape to get their 2005/2006 Grant Funding proposal onto the books. There is about 100 pages of documentation to read.....zzzzzzzz!

Most of it looks ok for us off-roaders. Check it out and you'll see why it takes so much bureaucracy to get anything done with the government.

If the OHV division doesn't get this into law, there may be NO money allocated at the end of this year for off road use next year.

Here's the URL;


Keep informed and keep active


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