Pic of Jetsters bike (latest)

sweet.....are those headlights??

looks like headlights to me.

that is one nice 50. i can't until im hittin 30 ft triples. the biggest ive gone so far is 21ft ramp to ramp in my buddys front yard this weekend. ill have pics. but anyways, very nice bike.

Nice looking bike.

Thanks for the compliments guys, I love that bike so much lol, sometimes I just stand and stare at it. I cant wait till I get my shock back.

bet you cant believe the shock broke. :naughty: i wish i had that money, looks like i need a job. :naughty:

Yea, I was like :naughty: when I saw the shock was broke. But yea, a job is definetly good lol, plus it really helps to find smoking deals on stuff.

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