Quieter pipe for 450.

:D Just got my 2004 450 today and i'm loving it big time!!!!! :naughty::naughty::D:D:cry:

The thing is my parents are woried about the people who live beside us.

So i looked at the fmf Q and it said it was really quiet.

Has anyone used it or have one that is pretty quiet?


I'm currently using the Q pipe on my 05. It is definitely quieter than stock. Personally I would rather use the stock pipe because I like how loud it is. (Stupid California noise restrictions). I can't tell much difference in the power switching from stock to the Q, so that's good.

I run the Q pipe and love it :naughty: . I can really tell when I get behind a bike (more often then I like to admit) that's running stock or other louder pipe. Help our cause, run a quiet pipe if your on public land.

I'm running the FMFQ on an 04 and it agree it's quieter and it gets me pass the decibel tests when required for events. I didn't notice a real power change but I do have to admit there is a nice psychological effect to having a real loud pipe.

You should get the pipe regardless because I've had my bike shoot fire out the back with the stock pipe when running rich.

get it! i wish the damn kids here would get Q pipes on their effin' 4-strokes!

Your other option (and much cheaper) is to get the PMB endcap and Silent Insert. That gets you down below the 96dB limit, and you can spend the cash you saved on other stuff for the bike (like radiator braces, etc.). If you decide to get the PMB, click through the banner ad here on TT, so that TT gets credit for the sale. My two cents.

Thanks dude, i just got of the phone and bought one.

the insert dosen't work at all!

You could pick up a heavy but cheap CRF450X muffler off e-bay and have a bike that sounds like a scooter.

I find these 4 strokes unneccessarily loud.

the insert dosen't work at all!

Do you mean it doesn't work mechanically, or doesn't quiet you down any? I did a test when I got my PMB endcap and insert. I had the Hollister rangers test it without the insert (96.0dB), and 5 minutes later with the insert (94.5dB). The 1.5dB is less than the 3dB that PMB claims, but it definitely helped to add margin in the test. Where are you getting tested? Are they using the correct procedure (45 degrees out at whatever the distance is, and using a good RPM meter)?

I don't care about the test ,the people who live around us can't tell the dif in 3 db.

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