Needle position changing

Is it possible to change the needle position without removing the carb from the bike?

I've been playing with the carbs on my snowmoblies for the past few months so I can't really recall if their is a difference. I believe that the set up is the same, so yes you can. Make sure the under area above the carb is clean or at least nothing hanging and following off like mud and dirt. Loosen both front and rear boot clamps and rotate the carb to the left side of the bike. You might have to remove or loosen a cable, but you can just give it a careful twist and hold it in position. This will give you access to the top cover and slide. Pull the cover, do your change, button it up , rotate back, check your cables, and tighten the boot clamps. Good luck.

Yup. Takes 10 minutes. Pull the seat and tank. From there you have two options. You can pull the throttle cable OR pull the upper engine mount. With the engine mount out of the way, you can rotate the carb in the boots and just barely get the cover to clear the frame.

Be careful of the hot-start fitting... the stock plastic nut will break if you put too much stress on it. I upgraded to ZipTy parts.

Not to hijack the thread, but...

Wheels, 887 posts already, are you walking around with a laptop and 10 miles of cat5 or what? lol :naughty:

Wireless baby!

I've changed my needle without removing the seat or gas tank. I simply loosened the air boot and the coupler, removed the hot start from the carb, removed the gas tank line, pulled the airboot back and then pulled the carb from the engine coupler. That will give you the ability to pull the carb out a bit and then sideways enough to remove the top cover. You can't simply rotate it in place because the throttle cables won't clear a bracket.

Easy stuff.

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