fork seal replacement?

Just a quick question about replacing fork seals.

Should I put on some kind of grease on the tube side of the seal or should I just lube it with fork oil?

Just lube it with oil.

From what I gather, opinions vary both ways on this.

For some grease is "good".

For some grease is "bad".

Just one of those decisions in the great fork unknown land that you have to come up with your own philosophy for why or why not. :D

Hey, maybe grease one leg and oil the other and see which leg leaks first :naughty: .

That way at least you kinda average out the stiction concer :naughty: n.

So fork oil it is........thanks

e. myers

Where abouts in SC are you?

I'm heading down to my brothers not far from Greenville, hope to checkout the GNCC race in Union SC on the Sunday.

Any good riding areas around there? seems the only riding my bro does is when I'm down


Check your PM's.

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