Rear Tire change ..How much Pressure to seat on rim

I have changed three rear tires now (newbie at the ridin thing) my biggest problem is getting the tires to seat on the rims the same all the way around. I use lots of soap but I am afraid to over inflate the tube to get it to seat nice and evenly. How much air pressure do you use to get them to seat to where you have the same bead sill the way around

I always run em up to 30 lbs or more, but got to watch getting the tube caught under the tire bead or it won't seat right.

i use up to 40lbs before

Depends on the tire for me. I've gone up to 40psi too.

Yeah... watch the tube that's the one that'll get ya. I put a little air in the tube before spooning on the second bead, definitely helps and keps ya from pinching with the spoons.

An overlooked but helpful tool for newbies is plain old c clamps. they can be set where the bead is in there then tightened so it can't pop out. I use them still when I'm in a big hurry, also don't forget to squirt a bit of air inthe tube. It saves ya from pinches. prairiedawg :naughty:

I use 30 psi, a little WD40 right on the bead, whack the tire a few times with a hammer and it pops right out and seats :naughty:

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