im kinda short(5"6) and will an i cat make staring easier

I've been using one for over a year and I would say no. I am 6'0" and when I am in the pits always stand on my bike stand when kicking it over.

Works really well for me. My bike is pretty highly modified and at times could be almost impossible to start. Much easier after adding the ICAT, I am very pleased with the addition. I bought it specifically to aid the starting issues, but was pleasantly surprised with the performance gains.


do you know a way to shorten the seat height

You might want to contact pro circuit. They built my bike with their link system for the rear shock and set the bike up a good inch or more lower than stock. I am 5'9" and can get both feet firmly planted. Evey other bike I ride that's not the case.


i am 5 5 and have absolutely no prob kicking my bike i am really comfortable

i have a 05 rm-z 250 and i'm having a hard time getting it to start when it's cold

have any tips

pull your choke out give it full throttle for about a second to ge gas flowing the get it at tds and kick. my bike usualy starts on the first or second kick every time. if you have a lot of time on the motor and havnt checked your valves the intake valves might be to tight.

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