Storing Springs & Shims.

Do I need to be concerned about rust on my fork/shock springs and shims if I don't store them "properly"?

Do I need to put oil or grease or cosmaline (sp?) or some other mysterious salve on them to prevent them from deteriorating? Can I store them in plastic bags etc? :naughty:

I kept my new MX-Tech shims in a zip-lock plastic bag for a couple of months with no rust problems. Of course, the humitidy rarely gets over 30% here. I suppose if you put a light coat of fork oil on them before storage they should do OK.

Thanks skipn8r.

I'm thinking mine could be stored for a couple years or more :naughty: ....

Anybody else?

Considering that in MY part of South Carolina, where our humidity rarely gets LESS than 90% (ha ha) I could probably store them for a day or two!

Good luck.


Funny. Yeah that's what I'm thinking too.

So what's your part of SC?

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