The GOD of mopeds or idiots

That was sweet. Gotta love that get off. :naughty:

That was sweet :naughty::naughty:

wonder what the pizza looks like :D

Cool, but, yes, very dangerous and not a highly recommended mode of pizza delivery.....

I'm sure there would be some liability issues if that was in the U.S.

When I was in Greece, Italy, Spain, and Turkey, you'd see guys flying around on mopeds with a straight piece of pipe for an exhaust. They screamed, both literally (loud) and figuratively (well, as much as a scooter can scream). Crazy drivers, but the folks there use their horns when they drive. It's like they're talking to each other. "Hey, coming thru!" "Come on in." "Turning here..." "Get outta my way, ya damn ferriner!"

yea i noticed the cab drivers when i visited there all thought they were mario andretti, freaking lord they hauled butt every where and right on every bodys bumper. i remember looking at my wife and saying you never ever scream at me again for how i drive. hehe this hasnt worked by the way.

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