2005 DRZ400S Dynojet Jetting Question????

I just bought a 2005 DRZ400S and proceeded to do alll the mods since I had a DRZ400E before. FMF pipe w/Powerbomb header,opened airbox,etc,etc but when I went to change out the main jet,I noticed that the largest jet in the Dynojet kit was a 136 but the stock jet was already larger than that at 142.5.

If I am not mistaken wouldn't I want to go up to a larger jet like a 160?

Also would I want to go to the 3rd clip on the needle or the 4th clip referred to in the kit instructions?

On my previous DRZ, I followed burned's instructions and it came out perfect not sure what is going on this time. It is tough to idle and I am getting some backfiiring on deceleration. Very hard to start as well

Any help would be greatly appreciated



You Need To Go To The Second Thread ( Drz Faq) And Read Burned's Carb Mods Using The Dynojet Kit...... You Cant Use Those Jets If You Did The 3x3 Airbox Mod

Should I leave the stock 142.5 in?

I read the article that you wrote for the Dynojet kit.

It pretty well answered all my questions


rick :naughty:

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