jumping rope

Ive started to jump rope and let me tell you. What an awesome cardio workout. Also works calfs and legs endurance wise. And lats and shoulders a wee bit. So far i love this. At first i wasnt very good but now im doing really well. I feel a lot better and im looking pretty mean and lean. I wasnt fat before but the skin i burned off in my abs has revealed my 4 pack. So far im addicted. Im going to get a good heavybag to hit. A trainer has told me thats why boxers are so fit, skipping and punching the bag. U dont want to hit it as hard as u can but lightly and get those muscles working. Id reccomend this to anyone. My knees arent the best but i do this on carpet and it is a bit harder to do but easier on the knees. The rope was only 11 $ so u cant lose. Just thought id let you guys know. Cheers.

I do a lot of rope jumping, and it seems that you too have found the secrets of the great workout. :naughty:

You get exponentially better the longer you jump so keep going.

The secret is to make your own jump rope out of some light cotton weave. The ropes you buy in the stores are to heavy and just work your legs, they are made for women. You go and get a fatter lighter rope and you will feel it in your arms and shoulders and it doubles the cardio.

I try to do consecutive 1000 rep sets, with double jumps every 10 jumps so that you have to keep up your speed and your shoulders get a good burn. :naughty:

I started jumping in college when I used to spar with my buddy who was a boxer. It really helped with stamina and kept the gloves from getting heavy. Works great for riding now. :D

I jumped rope myself up til my knees got too bad. It is an excellent stamina builder for riding. :naughty:

Your right, Jump rope is great. I have bad knees too :cry: so I went and bought some pads that you put down for the kids to play on and doubled them up. They are firm but give a little cush while jumpping. :naughty: Also a heavy bag is the best. I was told do 4- 3 minute rounds with 1 minute break inbetween. I thought, no big deal only a 12 min workout. :naughty: HA Half way into the second round I was suck air.. :D .couldn't do last round. Now I can go hard all 4 rounds but dancing,jabing and the like is a great workout for the whole body. I recommend it for everyone. :D One note. I hooked my weight bag to the main beam in my house and my wife says it sound the I'm tearing the house down when I work out :D so you may want to get the stand-alone stand that goes with the bag, if you have the extra space.

Thanks for the info. I should try jumping rope, as I get bored with running and it tends to hurt my hip. The bag sounds like fun too, but I have a feeling it would end up sitting more than swinging.

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