The Buffalo is dying

I was at BR Sunday and I saw the unthinkable...

quad tracks. parts of the out of bounds area is getting the old double rut treatment. :naughty:

I was riding up to the big quarry and sure enough...8 quads at the top.

Ride 'em while you can boys.

Yeah last time I was there, I saw a couple good sized packs of quads at the 3 caves area (Southeast out-of-bounds)... and then was perplexed when I saw quad tracks in the sand pit at BR... :naughty:

BR will neva die though. :naughty:

BR will neva die though. :naughty:

Well, I'm sure it won't...I really hope not anyway.

I like the single track the best thats why I feel it is dying. :D

I'll still go either way i'm sure.

I love thier new store, good prices. They could easily take thier captive audience to the cleaners but everything is below retail. :naughty:

Yeah, the lady running it used to work with me at Riders Choice Racing in Oglesby before she opened that store. They charge the same way there, always below retail, and its working out really well for them. :naughty: (Who woulda thunk it, right :naughty::D )

Just like with Buffalo, it's time to "turn the herd". You kill the leader and the rest will go the other way. Too bad TT'er Gobison isn't here, he is one of the nation's top experts on Buffalo, he could have this situation resolved in about 2 seconds.

I was there Sunday as well, passed a pack of about 12 quads east side.

They thought I was going to stop for them, hehehe :naughty: Just yelled "Heads Up"!! Had to come to a skidding hault on the last quad, i did NOT give him a happy look. I just sat there staring at him as he put it in reverse and got out of our way. I wanted to quote Point Break, "go back to the valley duuude", "trying to steal my trail" :D

Ain't happenin', took a break in the woods they pass again, I just shook my head. They have to know bikes are not happy about their presence :D

And yes I do understand nobody is suppose to be back there :naughty:

God I hate Quads :naughty::naughty::D:D

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