Two 2 Cool

Has anyone tried this stuff, experiences with it??? :naughty:

Search for an old thread on it. It had many mixed reviews.

Check it out. It takes a little work to get past the crap.

My 2 cents:

It appears to reduce the temperature as claimed on high temperature engines.

There seems to be no documentation that this improves the function of the oils in lubricity or life span. Great theory, but no sound evidence offered.

There is no evidence offered that it serves the bike better than conventional oil with no after market additives. Lots of satisfied users apparently but apart from running cooler (my feet get pretty hot some days so I like that idea).

I ride tight technical hilly mountain terrain with a group so sometimes we lack speed, idle too much waiting, and generally fail to maximize the cooling intended by the engineers of the XR4. It seems made to order for keeping my bike (and me) cooler.

I am open to correction.

Here is a letter I received from an Engineer when we had asked about oil and additives.

It's really just misnomers.

Now, I must make the standard "I'm well out of practice" disclaimer first before I continue - If it turns out that I'm dead wrong you can't hold me completely liable...

This is a controversial subject, actually. The FTC is currently pursuing several manufacturers of oil/coolant/fuel system additives for false advertising and reckless endangerment (Slick 50, zMax, Dura Lube, et al.).

But let's talk science first...

On a hot metal surface, if your oil has a flash point that is lower than the metal temperature, you will actually create a small boiling film between the metal and the oil. This prevents proper heat transfer and lubrication.

Standard off-the-shelf motor oils are blended for the minimum physical performance that will allow your Camry to drive to and from work for years and years. That doesn't translate well to high performance, run 'n gun dirt bikes. Racing blend oils contain fewer "fillers", and are specifically designed for high temperature and severe wear.

The additive that you have in mind is probably an alcohol or cyclo-hexane based thinning agent for conventional motor oil. Premium racing oil blenders claim only temperature savings in the 50-60 degree range with specialized oils, I doubt pouring something into an inferior grade oil will top them.

Bottom line - skip the additive, buy a premium oil, and race into the sunset baby.

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