Rear suspension

So right now with the stock suspension i bottom out like the dickons (both front and rear) on jumps and im only 120 pounds. The rear sag is already set at about 3" with my measurments. Im definatly going to put heavier oil and spacers in the front. My question is once i do the front suspension will the back suspension be improved by this? because it looks like the sag is setup properly and it bottoms out. Thanks.

I cannot answer the technical suspension "sag" question for you but I have noticed on my 150 that running 15W oil with 1/4" of spacers definately shifts the bias of the suspension. I don't know if that info will help or not.


and you have a what??????......i.e. 230/150????

welcome to tt !!! :naughty:

Call Hlebo's.

A BBR spring will also work, but the rebound is dangerous. Especially at 120lbs.

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