Shock. Would it suprise you if...

I put a zip tie around my shock "rod" and rode very non agressively around a whooped out sand track on Thursday.... Certainly not hammering the whoops as a test to see how much of my rear suspension I was using.

It suprised me that my shock was bottoming.

The settings I was running for low speed compression and rebound was factory recommended settings.

As an experiment, I decided to use full hard low speed compression (the screw in the middle of the nut) and I got the same results.

Does this seem odd to anyone?

Normal to anyone?

Note that I have just started really "blitzing" some "deep" sand whoops for a pretty good stretch (say 15 or so) and everything seems to be tracking alright and I haven't gotten launched from packing yet so I'm wondering why?

Further note that I'm 160lbs without gear on a stock 03YZ250F. Rear shock has never been serviced (although I recognize it's beyond time).



All you can achieve by placing a zip tie around the shock shaft is a damaged bottom out rubber. The b/o rubber is a significant part of the stroke on a KYB shock. When your shock contacts the bumper you still have a fair amount of travel left. The zip tie would simply hit the bumper, possibly compress it a little and then the b/o bumper would extend, leaving the tie resting on top of it. On low speed impacts the shock may compress easier than high speed ones. Fold and attach a piece of masking tape to the underside of the rear fender. Have it hang down an inch or so. If the rear wheel hits it, it will leave a mark and you will get a true indication of travel usage.

The Duck

yes Eddie the duck is right on , the bumpers are a very large part of the shock action, you can even get different length ones and different soft or hardness material ones for a different feel.

but yes don't use a tie strap on the shock shaft it will start to shorten the life of the bumper, the masking tape trick or getting used to where the tire hits in the mud on the fender or what ever you end up using for a Gage is what you do, --just like duck said !!

i end up changing out alot of bumpers all the time, most of the guys seem to like the stock showa bumpers on the kyb's , and i use a stiffer and slightly longer one from the factory showas stuff on the showa shocks for some of the guys that just pound the hell out of the hondas.

so that little bump stop is very important and need to be kept fresh !! :naughty:

Shot Duck/Kelstr-

Too late... Already had to dig my zip tie out of my bumper and out of my shock.... just didn't want to mention that part :naughty: .

Well, your replies explain a lot then.

Shot Duck, I'll definitely try the masking tape next time out.

Kelstr, so now I'm gonna be fooling around with honda stuff on my Yamaha suspension.

It never ends does it!?


i know the motorcycle world is funny sometimes, i think thats why i like it so much !!


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