I have a question for you all, what boots do you wear when you ride. The M900 boots that I have are extremely stiff and it is hard to reach the foot controls. I want the ankle protection and I want to be able to shift.

Sidi Force Boots are broke in the first hour and they definately support your ankle really well.

Alpinestar Vector.



I just took my first ride on a new set of boots exactly the type you are looking for.

Gaerne sg10

They are hinged and are way more protective than my old "dual sport" boots (sidi discovery), which did not have any side to side protection.

They sort of broke in, but I think that they will "break in" about 10-20% more, while still being protective. I di have to raise the shift pedel 1 spline.

I walked around with them in the garage prepping the bike, the night before the ride, and then I walked in the house and forgot I had Moto boots on!.

I guess the best information I can give you with my limited ride experience on the SG10s is that they appear really well made, I never noticed them when riding, no obvious problems or fitment issues were noticed, and I'd buy em again in a second. TT store has them. I'd consider these in addition to the Sidi Flex force (obviously a very nice boot also).

I think Bryan Bosch wears sg10's.

Just one opinion after one day of riding.


Alpinestar Vector :naughty::naughty: Love the way they fit and feel...

if you are having problems with your boots it is probably because they are new. you need to use them (ride the bike) and they should be fine. if you need the protection then the boot will be somewhat stiff (get used to it). if you need full mobility ride with sandanls and be comfortable :naughty:

really, these are riding boots not walking shoes. I had two sets of M900 boots and the are fine. :naughty:

Yes, stiffness with regards to boots is a good thing. They'll get more comfortable if they are the correct size of course. Partial immobility is what stops your ankle/leg from snapping when it gets hung up.

Alpine Vector, expensive but two things to spend most of your money on is boots and helmet. I have hit rocks hard enough I thought I shattered my foot but these boots have always done there job. I wear a 15 and still get under the shifter just fine with a stock shifter.

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