I am from the XR650 forum and would like some insight on the type of boots that you all wear. From what I have herd trials boots are more flexable then mx boots. Thanks for the info.

They are a lot more flexible so you can move around on the bike more. But still give you ankle support and a boot sole. I just got some Hebo TechTR boots, and so far are great. They have a removeable liner and pretty much feel like shoes. I also had Gaernes and they were very nice too. Not quite as comfortable or waterproof, but a good choice. you can look at some boots at Lewisport

Ditto what TrialsRider said!

I use the Alpinestars No Stop boots and so far have been very happy with them and three years use.. still going strong but could use a little stitch repair in a few places.

If you find that you need to do some hiking or pushing your bike in tricky places, the Trials boot is really good for it's traction and comfort as when I'm doing trail clearing work. :naughty:

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