no spark on my 84 xl350R

I suddenly have no spark on my bike. came about as a hesitation at first and now zero spark. plug is good (new and tested in another bike). any advice on where and how to start testing? Coil, CDI, etc...



make sure the coil connection to the frame is not corroded or rusted up, as it will cause intermittent spark, and get progressively worse. Make sure there is a good clean metal-to-metal ground there.

My theory concerning electrical parts is to start checking the least expensive part first, and go from there.

dirtbkr188 I like your theory. I removed the coil tonight and whatever the other elctrical parts in the same area were???? I did not pay really close attention but the connection to the frame did not look rusty or dirty at all. I will check tomorrow night after I paint the hallway for the wife. It sucks having to do housework before I can play with my toys!!

so I tried a brand new in the box plug and nothing. tried the plug on my 3 wheeler and it works great. Took the coil off of the 3 wheeler and mickey moused it to work on the XL and she sparks!! Am I safe to assume that the coil is shot?

any thoughts?


old coil-new plug=no spark

new plug-other bike=spark

other coil- first bike=spark

I'll go out on a limb here, and say the coil is bad :naughty:

Don't get to excited. Working on Hondas 20+ years. 1 bad coil. Good luck.

Now you have a good ground try the original coil again??

Corky :naughty::naughty:

problem was the spark plug boot, I replaced that and she runs like a top. Was out last night for a run across the marsh for about 45 min. Tomorrow night valves are getting adjusted.

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