Klx 340

I am getting my 300 bored to a 340 and I was wondering how much more power that will make. Im sure quit a bit but i want yalls opinions.

You will have way more power, mostly low and mid range.

If you havent already, do the free mods,and with a 340 bore

a good headpipe and muffler would help.

Dave D.

I already got a pipe, big bore header and stuff. I was just wondering thanks alot.

Give me two weeks and I'll tell you - mine got shipped out today for the same treatment. Did you go with Thumper (I guess)? Couldn't justify the 365, but man.....I wish....

You will have substantially more. It will pull harder up thru the mid range and if you have a big gun, the top end is more open. It becomes much more of a wheelie machine.

Thanks guys.

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