2004 YZ125 questions

How loud is a 2004 YZ125? Is it louder than the CRF250X?

depends, but a 4 stroke and a 2 stroke put out a totally diff sound pitch, a 4 stroke sound carries more then a 2 stroke although they do put out the same sound decibel. but in my opinion the yz 125 would be quieter.

Nope...anything is louder than a 250X

no way man, I used to have a YZ125 and people across town could hear my racing logginh trails behind my house. Most of the time that 2 stroke is going to be louder, and I disagree about it carrying as well. I always hear the 2 strokes long before the thumpers. Either way you'll have fun on that YZ.

if both bikes are oufitted with the stock exhaust, then it will be a close call. but any type of performance exhaust will add a lot more sound to a 4 stroke then a 2 stroke.

when i ride and i hear some other riders coming up on me...i always hear the thumper thunder well before the ring ding


LOL, it's clear that we don't all agree.....must mean it's going to be a close call. I was comparing stock exhausts by the way as I'm poor and have never added a race pipe to my bikes.

yeah...me too. and i probably never will have a race pipe on my bike

im pretty sure a 4 stroke tone carries further. i have a ttr125 with a bbr exhaust, and through the woods (about 2 miles) my friend can hear me riding.. but i cant hear him unless hes fairly close to my house.. but when were next to eachother his bike is way louder, just mine carries further

you guys, think about it...

you can hear your young punk a$$ neighbor rolling up the street from miles away with his bass pumpin'

low frequency sound waves are "uni-directional" albiet low energy as well...they carry well and can be heard over a large area of coverage.

high frequency waves are high energy, but are VERY directional...meaning if the sound is traveling towards you, its very audible, but doesnt disperse evenly throughout the woods as it echoes and bounces of of trees.

food for thought

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