Kyle lewis getting the smack down video

Holy crap when did that happen? Did he walk away from it? That was BRUTAL!!!!

if i watch this, will it put me off riding :naughty::naughty::D

Holy Sh*t....

if i watch this, will it put me off riding :naughty::D:naughty:

I doubt gotta go big and go really really fast to step off like that...but thats also what happens when you get whiskey throttle with a 60+ horse thumper on a supercross track...

Was he o.k. :naughty:

Was he o.k. :naughty:

Walked away :naughty:

He freakin' bounced after he hit the ground :naughty:. He's lucky the seat side of the bike landed on him, or he'd be FUBAR'd !! I'll be he ended up with the worst case of monkey-butt ever recorded :naughty:

It was amazing how the bike landed with him under it. You couls see how the seat section saved him. Amazing. Lewis is money :naughty:

I can't believe that. Simply amazing.


That was at the Indy SX. I saw it happen, it took him quite a while to get off the track but he staggered off on his own. I think it was in one of the semis.

That happened in Indianapolis, I believe. I was there and saw bike flipping but from my angle I didn't see it land on him.

does kyle ride 2 or 4 stroke


he rides a 450

his nickname says it all :naughty:

Thats the first time I've seen that, I missed the Indy race on TV, OMG, that was incredible, scary....... :naughty:

he raced the following weekend :naughty:

It could have ended up alot worse for him!

He was pretty lucky like his name.

But he recovered pretty quickly.


Awesome! Walked away?! Good thing he cushioned it or the bike might have broke :naughty:

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