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Hi all, I have been watching this forum for quite some time and I want to thank you all for such good info. It has been 17 years since I have been on a street bike and I have never been on a real dirt bike. I have been itching to ride for about 17 years :naughty::D For one reason or another I have talked my self out of it every time. Well that has all changed now as I am the proud owner of a 05 WR450F :D:naughty: I got the bike on Sat. and I cant wait until I can get out and ride. The bike appealed to me because it is detuned from the factory and it is so easy to do the free mods to make it come alive once my skill level increases. I also got my 9yo son a 02 TTR90 and he is learning EXTREAMLY FAST! it is amazing how quick they pick it up at that age. Anyway I am very happy with my purchase. Is there a good place for my son and I to go and ride together in the Sac California area I will be willing to travel if need be.

Thanks in advance...

Welcome to TT, and WR ownership, you wont be disappointed with either :naughty:

Keeping the bike stock til you get used to it then doing the free mods when you find yourself wishing for more power is a good approach if ya havent been on a high performance dirt bike before. Even in stock form the 450 will get that front tire up before ya know it so watch yourself.

Glad to hear your son's enjoying his new bike... you guys will have alot of fun on your new blue bikes :naughty:

Congrats! I ride with my son at Hollister is great! Near Sacto Forest Hills is good...Praire City blows. For the ultimate go to Stonyford.(sp?)

You bought a great bike but be careful and take time to learn off road skills...many street techniques cross over but many do not. Hill climbing is one that will take practice. Your wr has enough juice to get you up most anything but it can also get you in trouble FAST. Take your time...start out slow...and have an experianced dirt rider give you the basics. Trust me!

congrats and welcome aboard. once you get the hang of it, unleash the bad boy. free mods are easy to do and fun!

It was 23 years since my last ride (until easter weekend). I bought an 05 WR450 also and went went some friends who had "00" 400's. Man those bikes were Rocket Fast. Our bikes have some decent power stock, but you really have know idea what happens after the Mods are compleated. One trip for me was all it took, I cant wait to do the Mods and let her rip. Bye the way she has very tame controllable power also that shouldn't scare you too much..........but it's there when you need/want it.

My 10 year old son also rode a XR100 for the first time...We had a blast.

You can start looking here for locations.

Or just type OVH in your browser.

Have Fun!!!!!!!!

Bye the way she has very tame controllable power also that shouldn't scare you too much..........but it's there when you need/want it.

Excellent way of putting it. The WR450 makes all kinds of power and will do pretty much anything, but the beautiful thing about this bike is that power only comes on when you ask it to. If you want a tame bike to putt around on, it'll gladly do that, if you want a bike to scream up a gnarly hillside, it'll gladly do that too :naughty:

It amazed me that something with so much power was so manageable.

Good for you for riding with your boy. I ride with my wife and kids. It's the greatest thing our family has ever done.

Too bad my kids had to watch me dump and break a rib last weekend. Now they have more proof that my wife is right: dad is a dumba$$.

I had not been on a dirt bike for more than 20 years before getting my 450 in early 04'. Was a worried that I bought more than I could handle, but it is very well behaved.

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