Damaged front end from bottoming out?

This kinda ties in with with some other threads, but I was wondering if anyone has done any damage to their forks, frame or otherwise from the front forks bottoming out? I've been bottoming pretty hard jumping (stock springs) and I'm wondering how long it will be before I jack something up? :naughty:

Has anyone tried the preloading with washers/spacers and end up going with BBR's because they were unhappy with the results of spacers?

a crf150 isn't really the kinda bike u should be launching over big gaps. But what can help are some two brothers racing fromt fork springs. They keep u from bottoming out and i think they r only like 80 bucks or something. Thats pretty good from replacing the whole front fork system.

I have bottomed out a lot as well...I am 160-165lbs. I have tried different weights of fork oil w/ and w/o preload. The best setup that I have found w/o having to replace fork springs is AFT with very little preload. I think and feel that 1/2" or up wards of 1 1/4" of preload is overkill for these forks/springs regardless of what "jumping" you are trying to do with the 150/230.

I.E. A week ago I was running 15W oil in forks w/ 3/4" of preload...I was jumping this particular easy "jump" about 4 ft in the air but carrying about 35 ft. of distance. Even transitioning to the landing side, the front end of the bike on landing was washing out. I wasn't dumping it but I was coming close. The bars would oscillate side to side. So, I took out all of the preload except for one washer (1/8") and ran ATF in the forks (same oil level too) 5 1/2" for top. I went back this sunday on the same "jump" and was landing just fine.

Experiment for yourself...find out what works for you and your bike with what you have.

Good Luck,


have 15w oil /w/ TWO bbr springs, love them, i weigh 150-160 lbs.

Great for jumping, and for the desert at higher speeds.

Overall I rate them on a scale of 1-10 a 9.....I LOVE THEM

Thanks guys. Every bit of info helps. I'll try Jas' advise and experiment before spending any dough.

BTW, great looking graphics Jas' ! Sweet looking ride bro.

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