Kawi KLR 650 Valve shims

Hey Folks,

anyone know if there is a difference in performance, wear etc. between OEM Kawi valve shims from the dealer (approx. $11 each) Vs. the after market shims for approx. $4 - $5 each. Since most of the "investment" in this procedure is in the labor I don't want to skimp and save $10 - $15 by using inferior quality shims but on the other hand, if they are apples to apples why not save the Dough?



No difference. Get the cheaper ones. I use them all the time. My bike has over 40,000 miles and I've never seen a scarred or beat shim.

Yep, Pro's correct. They don't call dealors 'stealors' for nothing. :naughty:

You might try Hot Cams for shims. I just bought a complete 7.48mm set with 150 shims for around $100 shipped. That comes out to $.67 each vs. the $13.00 my dealer wants. Of course, my service manager will often swap me out for my old ones, but he's not always there. It's a cheap investment for me. Half of the set I bought were not the correct size for my KLX, but I sold them here on TT cheap to someone who could use them.

Great, thanks for the updates / info. guys. I talked to the guy on the tech support line at www.KLR-650.com, they sell for $3.95 each and he said basically the same thing... he's never had a complaint or return on them. He also added that there really aren't many manufacturers of the 29 mm shims and he wouldn't be surprised if they are from the same place as the dealer shims?



a.k.a. MainLine

a.k.a. SuaveGato

If anyone would like two 245 shims let me know, and if you have 235's to trade for them I'd be super psyched :naughty:

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