broke down away from home

Last week while exploring Hollister Hills in No Cal I had an problem spark..anyway, I was wondering what you vets bring with you in your gear bag for on the trail breakdowns. We were able to get tie downs and tow me back to camp...that was a pain. What should I bring to be prepaired while not bringing my entire tool box!!

I carry a fanny pack with a pair of pliers, both types of screw drivers, a knife, vise grips, spark plug wrench, open end wrenches in 8mm, 10mm, 12mm. A small socket wrench in the same sizes plus a 6mm. A master link, brake and clutch lever, electrical tape, a section of fuel line, some safety wire, spare spark plugs (some change and paper money, change for a pay phone if I run across one) a power bar, and some toilet paper. Then a Camelbak.

Thanx Rex! What about instant flat tire repair products..ya know directly into the tub w/ co2 included. do you carry a tow strap? That would have been nice last week. How about that puddy that dries like metal?

I also carry an emergency blanket a basic medical stuff.

I carry a rope. When there is a breakdown, it gets tied to the BACK of my bike.

That list is pretty much my standard bring along stuff for a normal ride. If I'm going deep into the woods, desert, mtns, my buds and I usually get together and make sure we have a couple of extra sets of tubes, tire irons, inflator, metal puddy, rain gear, a few first aid items. That requires that I have to carry a back pack in addition to my fanny pack.

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