Desert 100 Odessa

Hey Brando, sorry to hear of your luck. Long time. I had surgery on both of my hands in Dec. No more numb hands now riding is fun again. Hey I had almost the same day as you did 4 crashes on the first lap 3 of were pretty nasty. The first was within the first few miles while trying to make up for lost time at the start. I dropped down this down hill and off a 5' ledge with shale rock and some big ones hidden in the brush well I crashed big time. The next won was just after the first river crossing when I hit the big valley. I really thought that I broke my wrist on this one. I remember telling myself that never have crashed this much before. I told myself that one more big crash would probably do both me and my bike in. The 4th and the most embarassing crash came at one of the road crossings. I was running with my bike and I lost my finger on the clutch and my bike was slowly running away from me. I just made it past the road and crashed right in front of the sheriff how stuid that was. I borrowed a gas tank From Jeffs Performance Ellensburg the SX 400 gets lousy mileage. Not wanting to run out like last year. I had a blast and I think I like it more than motocross. I managed to finish 5th in four stroke class and 18th overall. Rod

Thanks to the Stump Jumpers a top notch crew!

Hey Rod! Wow, sounds like you had an excellent ride! 4 tumbles is enough to shake anybody, but it sounds like you bulldogged through it well! 18th overall is a GREAT finish! Last year, when we were hitting the hills behind Cashmere, I knew that you would be hauling a$$, and that was before you had your surgery done!

Way to go!

I'd like to hook up with you and John McMillian here soon. Maybe over in Moses?

Good job, bro!

Who is this Rod guy? Does he live around here?

Sounds like he may have some things to show me and Mitch.. :naughty:

Good job Rod, with 4 downs and still come out 18th OA is pretty good. :naughty:

Im going to be more prepared next year. I was tooooooo outta shape...

Rod is a dude that I grew up with in Ephrata. When we were all playing with our balls (basket, base and foot) Rodney was on the MX track.

Dude is flat IN SHAPE, and knows how to throw a bike around. We went up Devil's Gulch last year, and his 450SX was setting a pace that you and Mitch would have enjoyed.

We can all hook up sometime. Maybe Rod wants a piece of On The Pipe?


:naughty: SWEET

kevin bise is another dude we should hook up with some time... he consistently finishes top 10 overall in the dez 100 (and in his 40's now). his house backs to the BLM land at saddle mountain and he has a +40 mile loop laid out that accesses areas that is sort of a locals only deal.

I have ridden from Kevin Bise's house when I went riding with Taber. Good fun. RodKTM also knows Kevin.....

Cool, sounds fun I need to spend some money on my bike after last weekend. I would like to do more of these so keep in touch. I wish I new you were going. I did not know very many people. Call when you want to ride and I will try to make it. Talk to you soon later. Rod

Hey thanks. I live in Ephrata and have always raced moto. But I really enjoy trail riding and would like to get into some scrambles and some more of these kind of races had a blast. Keep in touch would like to ride with you all sometime. Rod

he has a +40 mile loop laid out that accesses areas that is sort of a locals only deal.

:naughty: fun,fun,fun

Who is this Rod guy? Does he live around here?

Rod is from Ephrata, and a badass until he blows his wad! :naughty:

One of the few original riding buddies I have left in these parts. :D

You're going down on the trails this year Rodney! :naughty:

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