[B]Deal's Gap this weekend[/B]

I'll be there this weekend. Wondering if anyone else will be.

for a race or just to do the "dragon"?

Lots of SMs will be there May 24 weekend. See ya then if you are looking for more SMs to ride with.

Do you have any details on may 24th.

I live close and I'll be there for sure.

Do you have any details on may 24th.

I live close and I'll be there for sure.

About 5 motards (ontario plated). Staying at Fontana Village and CROT. Arriving from Friday 20th leaving Friday 27th. (some earlier than others). I'll be at Fontana all week. Look for a blue Yamaha 450 and red Honda xr650. what are you riding?

I'm just going to ride the dragon. I'm going to

try and make it in May. That's the "Wakin' the

Dragon" weekend, isn't it?

Do a search on Deal's Gap and you can find

out all kinds of info.

I'll be ridin a 450 husky.

dodging th' walkers...

I mean th' wakers

I'll be bringing XR650R SM and XR650L SM that weekend. also last weekend in April will be good weekend for SM's w/ Shakes of Bit BY The Dragon bringing his bikes down. Would be great to have a huge SM weekend at The Dragon either of these dates. Anyone else showing up ? :naughty:

OK guys, lets make May24 a supermoto weekend at the Gap! I'll be arriving on Sat.21st. ready to ride on Sun 22nd. Its all Canadians at the GAP (Fuzzy Riders group staying at CROT). Long weekend for us! Look out for 3 Yamaha WRs & an XR650. :naughty:

I'm in. Coming from upstate NY on an 04 625smc :naughty:


Are you riding down or trailering it?

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