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Modification / Trip Report

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Started Easter break with 2005 WR with most free mods already in place.

So, I installed the yz pipe with pro moto spark arrestor, yz cam, jd jet kit using the blue needle on clip 4 and 85 main jet, new 42 pilot jet 1 ½ turns, pilot air jet to 100, removed acv spring. fyi..I ride at sea level.

Did the trial run, new plug throttle chop test, and plug is white. Went up on the main and plug is still white, conclusion: throttle chop test is a joke. Called JD and they left me a message back saying don’t worry about a white plug. So went back to the 85 main.

hit ocotillo wells, cranked all over, bike is sweet. The JD kit gives smooth throttle response, wheels up rode my bike and was impressed vs. his without the jd kit / cam. I see no decrease at all anywhere on the power band, only an increase.

The bike, in addition to the smooth response also has instant acceleration. In dirt /sand whatever, the bike almost immediately maxs throttle/ hit rev limiter in 1,2,and 3rd, 2-3 seconds to max out 4th and 5th - well what can I say - 5th is a tall gear. The 100 paj and the removal of the spring virtually eliminated the off idle bog.

Did not really notice major increase in fuel consumption, although the desert tank is coming next – not sure which one to buy just yet. Any suggestions?

On the 111 side of salton sea there is a river bed you can ride just north of marker #23 on canal road, just north west past the first train tracks. Take the wash south and up 10 miles there are quite a bit of trails, Red Canyon, Amy’s Trail, etc. Pretty cool riding, and hardly no one there. One red canyon trail goes all the way to hwy 10.

After 200 miles I started seeing the plug just starting to change colors, might have to move the clip to the #3 position, anyone else running a JD kit with my mods? What jets and clip position are you running?

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