Lets see your KXF and RMZ bike pictures... heres mine


Just got it a few weeks ago to replace my stolen race bike.

Altus Motorsports hooked my up with the bike. Scott's Performance provided the controls and damper. LightSpeed pitched in all of the guards. DirtTricks.com gave me the Ironman sprockets and chain. Marshalls racing did the suspension and Revolution Performance took care of the engine mods.

These companies all stepped in to help out a racer in need, and I highly reccomend them all.

Furthermore, George at Altus Motorsports is one hell of a guy. Next time you're in the market for a bike, it's really nice to be able to deal with the OWNER of a large bike dealership, and he'll probably beat any deal you find.

If ya call him, tell him Lynn sent ya! :naughty:

crash whats the brand of the frame guard you have on your bike????

486pilot that is awesome that you were able to find some help and those companies helped out... dont here much of that anymore

yukon.. my frame guards are Works Connection... all of the protective stuff is works connection on mine... i have been considering the lightspeed ones though they look like they go higher on the frame


Yeah, they were all pretty amazing. I'm just an +30 Int. offroader, but they hooked me up anyway. The only company that I contacted that didn't help out was Pro Circuit.

I will get better pics and post them once my Sponsor package comes in from Decal Works. That was just a quick shot.

Anyway, the Lightspeed stuff is really top notch. Tough as nails, and a very good fit.

I looked at the lightspeed as well.. I like the carbon look, but i don't like the little red lightspeed logo on it.. wonder if its just a sticker that i can pull off

Yeah Yukon... It's just a sticker. It will peel right off, and then you just clean off the sticker residue.

You can contact LIGHTSPEED directly @ (714) 990-5767. Mary will probably answer the phone. Tell her Lynn sent ya if you don't mind.

heres my 04



Sweet lookin bike. Can you ride as well as your bike looks?

No :naughty:

heres my 04



hey is that last pic at sleepy hollow i may be racing there this weekend. 4/10/05 i gues this sunday

Those green seats don't stay nice long, good luck keeping it clean, I like the look of it though :naughty:

What do you have to do to post pictures?

you have to upload it somewhere like photobucket. www.photobucket.com and then just copy and paste the link here.

05 rmz250, 2.5 hours on it now, all fire roads, fricken snow! She wheelies nice though, cant wait to jump her.. lol


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