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washington state capitol forest

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this past weekend was a 2 day poker run at capitol forest

just outside olympia

me and my buddy showed up on sunday we road the trail of the poker run (atv association pokerrun) we took off at 745 in the morning with 10o percent percipitation aka it was RAINING!

the red clay was just like riding on slush or ice ..... we started an hour and 15 minutes ahead of the people doing the poker run. they did the short runt hat day (18 miles)

we did the long course that day . they did the long course only on saturday

we had a blast had the trail to ourselves we came accross 2 people heading our way we warned them of the poker run and then kept on going. sadly to say with the hour and 15 minute head start. we wherent the first ones back but we where the 7th and 8 person back... we did 34 miles and it was just a riot. No wrecks but about 30 near misses . anyone ever do capitol forest you know what i mean. wel we started @745 and finished at 10:30

yes thats a little slow but considering the rain the red slime and the dead dear that happend to be right in the middle of the trail. it was an awesome ride. Second time i got to ride my 2000 WR400F with my 13:50 sprockets instead of hte stock 14:50 and man ive got to tell you i wish i changed that sprocket years ago!!!! im still running stock exhaust , didnt take out hte trottle stop nor did i do any other mods!

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