ATV Trip - Costa Rica!

In March we got to go ATV riding in Costa Rica. We took a 4 hour climb up the side of a mountain, through streams and up impossibly steep dirt roads. We ended up over 6,000 feet above the city of San Jose, with a view that went all the way to the ocean on clear days. Our guide on the trip was Cary Verzijl, and his assistant, Medardo. It didn't take long to get used to the quads, and we ended up at the top a lot sooner than most groups that make the trip.

The location of the mountain is Cerros de la Carpintera at Tres Rios, located 7 miles from downtown San Jose. The quads we had to ride were 2004/2005 Honda 250 and 350 Fourtrax 4x4 and Bombardier Outlander 330's. I would

recommend this adventure tour to anyone traveling to Costa Rica. The tour web site is:


I would love to do something like that when I go to Costa, but when ever I go there you can't get me out of the water. The Surf is just to damn good!

Although, I did do the canopy tour. :naughty: Very Nice...

I do the same thing .. except I do it from a small town on the Pacific called Jaco. ( Great surfing also ... Playa Hermosa) ) I have been going for around 10 yrs now, and go a couple times a year. A couple years back, they were renting bikes. ( I used to get a 175cc 2-smoke) Now that was an adventure! I could go on for hours with stories from this place. A couple trips ago one of my buddies flipped over on his quad ..... fiirst day .. blew out his ACL. Went to the Doc, got Percocet, a shot of Morphine, some Jack Daniels, a walker, and had to nurse him back to the airport early. ( I saw him flip ... going around a corner, rear starts sliding ... he sits straight up and hits the BRAKES !!! .... you guessed it ... Major High Side Action)

I will post pics ... I have some really nice shots.

Anybody ever need detail travel info for this place ... I have it. :naughty:

The same company, Paraiso Tours, also rents ATV's at Jaco beach, that was another one of our day trips. He is planning an ATV ride from San Jose to Jaco Beach, over the two moutain ranges that run down the center of the country. It would be an overnight ride, I would love to try that one out.

Really cool pictures, the boys don't look to thrilled though :naughty:


There are several companies in Jaco that offer tours. Some are a little too strict (too many rules) while some let you rise as you ability allows. I usually go with these guys next to the beatle bar, and the guide will go a fast as you push him. I know my limits, and when not to slide off the mountain.

There is also a company ( costaricaadventures ??) that does bike tours (XR400) through the mountians. Pure hard core enduro. I always see those guys at the hotel with multiple ice packs all over their bodies from a hard days ride.

You can actually go from san Jose to Panama on Atv's, and never have to use a road. I like the day trips ... so I can enjoy the after hours events.

Anyway .... here are some pics. I just went in March, and am headed back in July.

I LOVE this place !!!!!!!!!! :naughty::naughty::D

The guys just got finished listening to the "This the throttle, this the brake...." details of the ride, when all they really wanted to do is go tearing up the mountain.

The guide was really cool, he races his own quad, and set a pace up the mountain that we were hard pressed to keep up with. His assistant followed behind in case anything / anyone fell off, but we made it to the top in about 1/4 the time of the group he had the previous day (no one with ATV experience, I can't imagine what that would be like on this mountain). When the ride was over we had some free time, and put the ATV's through their paces, I have some movies of that, but they aren't on the computer yet.


cool pics!!

We had a story (accompanied with a visit to the crash site) of a rider that either got their throttle stuck or got scared scared on the way back down the mountain, they ended up totaling a new ATV, and were carried out in a 4wd ambulance. No news on the final injuries, but the dropoff we saw looked like enough to cause serious damage. If yer quad is totaled, you are gonna be in too bad of shape to worry about it.

The whole country seems to live on the edge. In San Jose, you always have to look both ways, even if you have a green light, cars routinely blaze through the intersections. Coming back from a day trip, we had cars passing us on blind turns in the mountains, where fog had bought visibility down to a few car lengths. The only thing that kept a major accident from hapening was that most of the traffic was going the same direction we were.

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