05 450X kick stand bolt onto a 04 450F

Does anyone know if the kick stand from an 05 450x will bolt onto an 04 Crf450? I was looking at it in the dealership and it looks like it will but I'm hoping to find someone else who has done it before.

Thanks in advance,


If the 04 R pegs will fit on an 05 R (do a cross search on Service Honda or Parts Fish sites and see if it's the same number) then yes, the X stand will bolt right on.

I'd say 90% chance it does.

Here's a though - check ProMoto Billet's pages - they make a stand for the 05 R - if it fits the 04, then you're in luck with the stock X stand.

I bet it doesn't fit. I know the kickstand off a 450 won't fit my 250 but the footpegs will. It's a totally different frame on the 05 450 vs the 04.

If your stand will not fit I would love to buy it from you.

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