Wanted: CRF flywheel

Does anyone have an '02 - '03 crf450 flywheel they want to sell? My email is CRF450racer@aol.com

I have a 2005 flywheel with only one ride on it.

Let me know if you are interested.

email me at robert_lamppert@hotmail.com


I have a 02 if you want it! But the 02-03's wont mount to a 04 or 05!

It's for an '03 and I want the stock weight, I don't want the lighter 04/05 one. How much do you want for it?

Thanks, Greg

$15.00 and ill ship it!

Great, my email is CRF450racer@aol.com

I'll pay you extra if you can ship it priority mail tomorrow. Email me and let me know if you have paypal or if I should send a check.

Thanks, Greg

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