450 price?

You ever run across something too good to be true? My neighbor's friend is selling his 04 crf450 in great shape for $3500. I yelled,"I'LL TAKE IT!!" Now I'm gonna check it out/buy it, tomorrow and i'm feeling like i'm missing something. Can you think of a ANY way that i'm getting screwed here? Of course, I will make sure it's not stolen first. :naughty: He says it's hard to sell because the 05's are so much improved. I'm thinking....IDIOT!

He either really likes you, wants to just unload it OR something is wrong. Check it out closely. :naughty: Steny

He either 1.really likes you, 2.wants to just unload it OR 3.something is wrong. Check it out closely. :naughty: Steny

Then I will 1.wear tight pants, 2.remind him that NOBODY wants his bike, and 3.bring my magnifying glass and stethescope. :naughty:

If he would have said 4 grand, I would have bought it on the spot. But 3500 just seems too low. Ironic.

What about an 03', I've got a guy who's selling his, supposed to be really tight and ridden sixty hours. He just installed new valves and a piston. Going to look at it tom., he's asking $3850 and couldn't sell it in the paper. I am going to offer him $3k if I like it. Is the 03' poor compared to the 04' or 05'. I know, I know... 05 is the way to go. but how's 3k on this old 03'?

I paid 3800 for my 04 in West VA. then 400 to ship to UT. The deals are out there, and are lots cheaper on the east coast. The 04s here went like hot cakes at 4700

bought my 03 with RG3 clamps, extra seat, extra plastic, renthals, works clutch perch, all works guards plate ect,an extra guide plate, race tech suspension, alum throttle tube, fmf slip on, ect for 3800 $ deals are out there just right place right time

Hmm. Hearing those deals makes me feel a little better. Maybe he is just nieve? I'm callin on it! Wish me luck, thanks :naughty: .

Is he in need of the money? Is he buying another bike? I always try to see the logic behind the sale. There is a reason for everything, hopefully its not because the thing is a nightmare.

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