Octane questions from Alaska

Hey guys, I have been living in Valdez, AK over the past several months. As it starts to warm-up here I have been thinking a lot more about having my DRZ shipped up here. My biggest concern is that the highest octane available is only 90 octane. My bike is an S but modified with an e base gasket as well as a race cam, flat side carb, and Yosh head and exhaust pipe. In Missouri, where my other home is, I have ready access to 93 octane fuel so no big deal.

My question is has anyone used xylene or toulene as an octane booster with the DRZ ? I have used those additives as boosters in performance cars, and probably will use the same for my turbo subaru when I get it up here, but I am little more concerned about the DRZ's ability to handle the additives. I did a few searches but found nothing specific to this question, so any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide!


You should be okay with 90 octane. However you could just mix a little race gas in with pump gas, say 10% or so. The highest available here is 91. My bike runs fine on it straight from the pump. But I do usually mix VP110 in at about 10%. Race gas shouldn't be too hard to find up there as lots of people use it in sleds. Most of the octane boosters I've checked in to have not received the TT seal of approval.

Sounds like where spoilt with 98 octane :naughty:

Love BP Ultima :naughty:

Sounds like where spoilt with 98 octane :naughty:

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