Best pipe?

What is the best pipe for a crf/xr50?...I just want opinions.

just don't go FMF, they make great pipes for 2 strokes and larger bikes, but for the 50 and the 110, they are not all that great

The sikk107 I was about to buy actually got out of stock 3 hours before i ordered i just canceled order and now I'm buying a brand new 2005crf50 for 1350.00 $ the guy there said he'd discount everything I bought by 20%(NOT including the bike) So I'm going to buy Twobrothers Bigbars w/ full set and triple clamp for around 185.00$(thats with the discount) and a new pipe and a 88ccBBK w/ 20mmcarb and cam

Oh..and by brand new I mean stock.

I love my Joker Machine.

Your joker machine loud??? :naughty::D:naughty::D

Awesome...I'll be looking into buying one!

Don...Can you give me link to the pipe you have...Please!

if your going to get a BBk soon, then just wait and buy a big bore pipe. There is a TON of difference in the power of a regular and a big bore pipe!

would i be able to get a BBR d-section bigbore pipe with the tb88 BBK??

chm sounds good with a big bore kit :naughty: pretty looooud if you ask me. i cant even talk to my dad a foot away from me without yelling.

it would fit, but make sure you get the big head. It will make a world of difference in power.

id say get the classic honda ultima pipe(if u have bigger than 88) and jr. if u have 88 or smaller and then but the seperately sold baffle they r selling to make it quieter....ill be getting mine in in a couple weeks

k ill look into the classic ultima pipe and see the dino rates with the 2005crfwith all stock epxept for pipe

Ti-Force IMO

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