CRF450X experiences, good or bad

Hi Guys,

I'm asking from you experts out there, how are your experiences concerning maintenance, reliability and accessories / spare parts availability?

I know that bike is fast and good to drive, but I'm trying to look for a bigger picture.

Do I maybe need to wait for next years release and accessories manufacturers to catch up with this new model?

Thanks for advance,


I've only put about 150 miles on mine thus far. I have absolutely nothing bad to report. The X is simply the most fun I've ever had on 2 wheels.

I've ridden it in the high desert and on cliffs just north of the San Fernando Valley (like, fer sure). It's handled very well on everything I've done with it. I'm honestly thinking about getting a "Caterpillar" sticker for it since it handles steep hills like a D6!

Changed the oil and tranny last weekend. Couldn't have been easier. When my e-line skid plate arrives, oil changes will require removal of the skid plate to keep it clean, but that's no big deal.

I've also got the BRP sub-mount kit which raises the bars about an inch with the Windham bend pro-tapers. This makes the ergos perfect for me. The JD Jetting kit I installed was a night and day difference. The best $ you can spend on improving the power. Does anyone know if there's a before/after dyno test with the JD kit?

Once I set the sag, the suspension felt great. I weigh 260 and am just at the limits of the stock shock spring.

All in all, nothing bad to report. :naughty:

keep this post going, i know alot more guys have them and how are they running for you? do you feel anything with time. pretty much just go with the same questions in the first post. thanks

BTTT <back to the top> thats what that means

bttt :naughty:

Hi Guys,

I'm from Sydney, Australia. Over here we still have the 2004 CRF250X as the latest model . The 2005 model comes out in a month or two

We are also still waiting for the 2005 CRF450X.

All we know of pricing is that it will be close to the WR450F.

Most of us over here love the 250X, but would love some more power for the hills and teh occassional open trails or road use. Anyone out there able to offer some advice on:

1. Does the 450X feel a lot heavier, or is the weight kept low?

2. For an avergae rider, will the 450X wear you out faster, or is the suspension trail friendly?

3. Over here, there is lots of bad press on the valve issues, I guess its still too early for any comments on the 450X valves?

4. Any other thoughts, comments or ideas?



I just got rid of my '04 KTM300EXC for my 450X. I don't feel the weight at all, they must have it down low because it runs very tight single track just like my 300 did. Hill climbing has never been easier, point and go, no reving up or burning the clutch in second gear. I'm a Honda fan now!

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