Crf250x Wins At Baja 500!

The CRF 250X that won the opening round of Scores Baja series will be back for a repeat win at this years Baja 500 in June. :D They beat both past and present class winners in Pro Class 21 bikes racing better Yamaha YZ 250s (Eddie Zeller and Joe Desrosiers), on their CRF 250x. :naughty: A bike that normally races against 125s. Will they win? Will there be course cutting by any of the 2 stroke teams as there was at the San Felipe 250? :naughty: They have to do something rather than let a 4 stroke 250 beat them in a long distance race again.

The YZ 250's run wide ratio gearboxes from the WR 426 and top ends that are modified. Since Eddie Zeller quit racing after coming in 2nd in class for the end of the 2003 season (he was class champ in Class 30 for 01 and Class 21 champ in Class 21 for 02 and 03), there hasn't been any real competion in the class for leader Desrosiers. Stand by, only time will tell this season. Steny :D

Very interesting! Keep us posted in you can. I'm surprised that there isn't a class they run that thing in other than running against 2 stroke 250's! That is a huge disadvantage in the open, amaizing that they won!


husky forever you should stop writing duff info on this bike as it was not designed to win anything,it would of needed at least a new top end at the 100 mile stage,and definetly a new bottom end at 250 miles if indeed it can make it that far, tee hee

i love my x :naughty:


your post has me baffled, you say you love your X but blast it by saying it would need work and not finish. The bike husky_forever mentioned did win the San Felipe (Baja) 250 race already. dogchod I thought april fools day was over :naughty: .


Not as much of a disavantage in the open. Top end is still good on this bike. It is underpowered only in tight sections that require bursts of power like MX tracks.

The best part is that San Felipe is a sand course for the most part. Of the 240 mile course, probably 80 % is medium to deep sand and miles of sandy whoops. For a 4 stroke 250 to beat out 2 stroke 250s on a long sand course is really amazing. Pro Circut listed the mods they performed on this bike a few weeks back, here on this site. In another couple years when used 250X's are selling for between $2500 and $3500, I might buy one then and do the mods.

As a side note, Tim's wife Jen and 4 other talented lady racers, raced a 250X in the 24 hour Glen Helen race this season. Their 250X had valve issues and had to be worked on mid way. We joked later that if they had raced with this Pro Circut engine that was developed after the race, the outcome would have bee a lot different.

Can't wait for April 1st next year! Steny :naughty:

sled rider read it carefully,see the TEE HEE at the end, it was a joke.

don't know about you but i was getting fed up with people flaming the bike i ride and saying it won't finish a race over 100 or more miles long without needing major engine work was good to read,i have 100% confidence in the crf :naughty:

baffled now?

Was baffled by your comment as I took husky_forever to be positive for this bike. Yes I did see the tee hee but just like you I am getting sick and tired of the people flaming this bike. Guess I am getting thin-skinned on this bike bashing issue. I do not care what make MC others ride, lets just all go for a ride and have fun :naughty: . Take care and have a good one :naughty: .

totally agree with you sled rider :naughty:

GO HUSKY! :D Opps, I'm still on the Honda site. :naughty: Ride on guys! :naughty: Steny

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