Rumor Control: BMW racing the Baja 500 in June

BMW is hitting the Baja 500 in force with a rumored two bike entries. :D Can't say more, but it will be a factory connection from Germany. USA BMW wasn't interested :D , so Mexico BMW stepped up to the plate with one team on a special, one off rally bike. :naughty: And one USA team from the BMW factory in Germany on another special, one off rally bike. :D Should be a good race.

Now if only KTM, Husaberg, Husky (Mike Kay is racing a 05 Husky 510TE) and others would get involved. The guard could be changing with KTM upsetting Honda for the win at this years San Felipe 250 back in February. :naughty: Any teams here up to it? I can help with pitting. PM me. Steny

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