Can you run an ICAT??

If the coil is on the plug cap how would it be possible to run a ICAT? :naughty:

they make different ones for the 4 stroke. check the website. the icat becomes the plug cap

I have one,And ICAT does become the plug cap. The other end of the icat gets pluged into the stock cap and zip tie it to the side of frame.It works great.Gives more power and makes it easier to start.

It seems to be a lot of money though. Is it $200 worth of better starting and power?

lots of posts last month on this---check out posts by 'wrooster'---good info. If it turns out to be a proven product---will propably show up in the assembly line like v force/ktm---manufacturers are always looking for an edge.

It is worth better starting alone.

It is worth better starting alone.

Ive noticed alot of people complaining about hard starting on this board.For some reason I dont ever have this problem.My bike starts first kick hot or cold. In gear maybe 2 kicks.Why would my bike beany different.Its pretty standard DR.D,no screen,jetting at 42p, stock needle 3rd clip,175m.

So i guess for me the ICAT would be more for power and throttle response.

Is it worth it just for these??

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