pics of the 2005 xr400 factory motard!

no change in the basic frame or motor.

-i see a starter motor for electric start

-usd fork of course

- the passenger peg is bolted around (through) the rear subframe tube. that's how honda made it strong enough.

-pegs are rubber covered

-kickstand has a safety switch (black) on it.

funny how japan usually get the latest & greatest AND yet honda is using the xr (not crf) as there motard platform. obviously the design is still very apealing in their eyes.

wat appeal to me most is the e-start, and motard wheel :naughty:

Sweet bike got to see one in person.

yum! I'll take the plastics please! I already have the USD forks :drool:

I don't know why we don't get that stuff over here. Honda's profit margin has to still be pretty high on the xr's(250/400). even an e-start 650r. They have not changed much in 10 years!

what a small sproket,the white plastic is nice,how fast is it?...thanx,XR-Ron

Oh Sweeet! That looks ausome!

But I'd rather somthing with a bit more balls that a stock XR4 motor for an SM! Unless theyve powered it up? Which I doubt.

I think the FMX650 would be more up to the challange.

But still, That thing looks bloody ausome!

Nice, But of course its a XR............. :)

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