Help: Metal Bits in Filter

Hi all,

Last time I did an oil/filter change the were a fair bit of Metal spurs or flakes in the Oil filter, I have done maybe 200-300 miles, changed the Oil last night, and the same thing again Metal spurs/Flakes..

Now I know from my road bike you will get this, but its I lot more than my road bike leaves after 1500 miles....

The bikes runs fine, and I have no problems, ????

Is this normal, or should I be worried...


Normal. Engine, clutch and gearbox share the same oil and you use a lot more clutch on the dirt than you do on the road.

Yes this is normal. Kinda freaked me out too the first time I seen it.

Just like a battery; a machine kinda dies as it lives...metal to metal wear is the curse of machinery. High performance 4-stroke engines generate a fair amount of shrapnel. I highly recommend a magnetic drain plug and a stainless washable oil filter.

I was worried about metal in my filter as well, everyone said its normal, small shinny flakes, no chunks, all was good for about another 500 miles, then fifth gear let go one me. I don't mean to worry you, could have been a coincidence, but thats what happened to me.

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