WR450 Gear Ratios (vs KTM?)

Hi there

Could anyone confirm the 2005 WR450 gear ratios? I noted these from somewhere but can't recall where!

Primary reduction ratio 62/22 (2.818)

Secondary reduction ratio 50/14 (3.571)

Gear ratio:

1st 29/12 (2.416)

2nd 26/15 (1.733)

3rd 21/16 (1.312)

4th 21/20 (1.050)

5th 21/25 (0.840)

If these are correct then the overall spread is significantly better than my previous DRZ - I found I couldn't get a good balance for slow going while having enough for 70mph+ cruising on the road.

What I'm after is a bike lighter than my XR650 but with similar all-round ability - walking-pace in 1st and un-stressed 70-80mph blasts on the road - whaddya reckon???

I know a KTM450/525 would do that with its 6-speed box but they are perhaps a little too specialised for my liking, particularly on the maintenance side.



Those are the ratios are correct. I'm trying to do the same thing with my new WR until I can get another XR. I went to a 15/48 gearing which allows me to lug at 45 mph and run 70 without alot of vibration. A sixth grear would really be nice.

I think if you want to run for any period of time on the road with one of these bikes at that speed, the KTM's are your choice. My WR426 got pretty busy at 80 mph and the KTM is just getting into 6th. I never geared my WR down since stock gearing was perfect for crawling and high speed runs.

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