will YZ426F wheels fit my bike..

will YZ426F wheels fit on my 03 YZ250f?

anyone know?

you can use the search feature. This is a very common thread.

depends on the year, but get the spacers for the year of the wheels (not your bike)

the reason is i can get a screwed 426 for a few 100 $.....and it might be worth every penny of it if i can get a set of wheels and whatever else

I'm 92.384% certain that they will fit. Buy the bike, check the chain alignment and fit of the wheels in your bike, and part out the rest. Even if they don't work, you can sell them and part the bike.

thanks for the advice again.....i have easy access to the bike......im actually looking for a good engine on ebay to drop in it...get it running and sell it to turn a few $ into a few more $

A friend bought a 01 426 rear which fitted his 05 250 f. The disk is actuall 5 mm smaller in diameter but that only adds to 2.5 inside the pads and the standard disc overlaps a bit anyway...

They will fit. My extra set of wheels are from a 426. Forks fit also. My off road forks are from a 426. Yamaha has been pretty good the last several years with compatable parts.

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